The Behrens Family

Midwest born and raised, we understand the importance of working hard, supporting one another and providing a stable and loving environment to raise a family, four-legged members included. These values are anchors within our family network and extend into the rearing of our doodle pups. We provide a comfortable and loving environment for our doodle pups and their parents. It is as simple as that.  

About Dominique Behrens - Founder and Operator of Dom’s Doodles

My journey into Setter Doodles and love of Poodles has been an unexpected one. It was never my expectation to become a breeder. Ten years ago, my younger self would have told you I would be working at a wildlife sanctuary or zoo utilizing my B.S degree in Animal Ecology with an emphasis in wildlife rehabilitation from ISU. But one of life's greatest mysteries is you never know what the future holds.
I possess a natural instinct to nurture and care for all animals. Not only do we have a household full of doods and poods, but we have rescue dogs and cats, a prairie dog, and nearly a dozen chickens on the farm.  Our home is full of love extended to all creatures whether rescued or bred. We see the value of both options.
Our pets are always considered part of the family and treated as such. There is a great responsibility with having pets. The positive effects they provide to shape and influence our lives in such a loving manner is remarkable. This concept resonates with us and is reflected in the rearing of our puppies.
My late grandfather showed me this responsibility when he introduced me to dog rearing and breeding of greyhounds. I was blown away by the management and dedication he spent caring for these speed demons. It wasn’t until many years later that I would find my own passion in dog breeding. Although, I can pinpoint that initial spark to sharing a homemade dog biscuit with my grandpa.
Fast forward 20 years, which included several moves, getting married, starting a family and working more than a decade in the veterinary and animal or business related fields, I finally found myself. I honed in on my passion for my family and my pets by creating a breeding program specifically for Irish Doodles and Double Setter Doodles. I am excited to share these amazing and incredibly versatile breeds with you and your family.