The Double Setter Doodle was created with the modern outdoor family in mind.  The combination of the Standard Poodle with the English and Irish Setters results in a healthier, smarter, and more well-rounded companion. All my parent dogs have a good nose, intense prey drive, as well as natural point.  I specifically selected breeding lines that maintained and fostered the drive to hunt.  Below are individual traits of each breed that when crossed creates a dual purpose companion that excels in the house and the field.

English and Irish Setters

Natural instinct and traditional elegance
Easy trainability Superior gamebird field performance
Historically a gundog, but can take on versatility in the field
Adaptability to the hunters’ pace
Fewer health risk
Medium sized, equipped with a sport frame and learner build

Standard Poodle

Smart as a whip
Natural instinct and innate awareness
Delightful temperament and eager to please
Originally bred to be water retrievers
Excellent credentials as a working retriever
Hypoallergenic coat
Family oriented